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A question (CZ)

Welcome stranger! This is the biggest forum about the city of Rijeka (Fiume). If you have any information, question or you would just like to present yourself, please do so here.
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Benvenuti! Questo è il più grande forum sulla città di Rijeka (Fiume). Se avete qualche informazione, domanda o se soltanto volete presentarvi qui, vi invitiamo a farlo liberamente.
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A question (CZ)

Post broj:#1  PostPostao/la Josanec » 22.3.2012, 12:42

Hello, :zastava:

I found on your web a very nice picture (see enclosure) which I would be
glad to publish in my book about one of Austro-Hungarian sailor. Where I
can obtain a permission for it? I visited Rijeka twice and in my book
will be some pictures of my trips. A very complicate was especially my
looking for the former Marine Academie. I am writting about it in my
first book where are also some pictures of Rijeka. About my first book
see something here: ... vcikem.pdf.

In fact I am also a bit Rijeka lokalpatriot. :-) My great-great-great
grandfather Lovro Ošanić/Ožanić came from Male Drage in Gorski kotar and
in Rijeka I found a very distant relative.

With best regards,

Jiri Ošanec, Olomouc, Czech Republic

P.S. You can answer me in Croatian language.


Re: A question (CZ)

Post broj:#2  PostPostao/la gost » 22.3.2012, 19:39

Since nobody answered so far I will:

As I understand that picture is free on web and we only ask you to name our web site as the source when you publish your book ...
Glad you are following us ... and come again ...

Greetings from Rijeka


Re: A question (CZ)

Post broj:#3  PostPostao/la gost » 24.3.2012, 00:22

Hy Jiri.

Marine Academie building is now part of the Rijeka's medical center, hosting all kinds of patients from our county.
Just google "KBC Rijeka" and under "o nama" section you should find a short history, including few words about former building purpose, off course if you still need comfirmation about the location.

And here is another thing - you can have your own plate, just like this one on the picture, but smaller.
Some guy in Austria is selling replicas on the ebay, check it out. ... 1939wt_901


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Re: A question (CZ)

Post broj:#4  PostPostao/la Adamić » 26.3.2012, 00:18

Hello Jiri!

That picture isn't ours, but the others mostly are and you are free to
take them. The picture can be found in the topic ...

Peter Salcher (1848. – 1928.)
:arrow: viewtopic.php?f=98&t=1780&p=13939#p13939

If you don't know where the Marine Academia Fiume was, you can see it on
the map .

marineacademiafiumeloca.jpg (291.47 KiB) Pogledano 219 puta

A memorial plaque dedicated to the Polish and Croatian officers educated
at this academy was recently put up on the Faculty of Maritime Studies
building. The building has no connection with the original academy.

Spomen ploča časnicima vojne pomorske akademije 1866-1914
:arrow: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1016&start=0

I hope this helps you a little.

Best regards from Rijeka to the Czech Republic! :zastava: :pozdrav:

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Re: A question (CZ)

Post broj:#5  PostPostao/la Josanec » 26.3.2012, 11:04


and thank you very much! So I will use the attached picture with your
web as a source.


Jiří Ošanec

P.S. I am sending you still two pages from my previous book where Rijeka
is mentioned, too.

knjiga Rijeka 1.jpg
knjiga Rijeka 1.jpg (235.17 KiB) Pogledano 221 puta

knjiga Rijeka 2.jpg
knjiga Rijeka 2.jpg (229.51 KiB) Pogledano 221 puta

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